Pinay Domestic Helper in Hong Kong Shares Photos of Her Tiny Bedroom


A Pinay domestic helper working in Hong Kong has shared some photos of her small sleeping quarters at her employer’s house.

According to the domestic helper, her “bedroom” measures only 170 centimeters (5 feet 5 inches) long and 69 centimeters (2 feet 4 inches) wide. The small and narrow bed has a wooden “wall” on one side and the room’s actual wall on the other side.

She said that lying down in this makeshift bedroom feels like “sleeping in a coffin.” It looks like a “cabinet with a bed,” said the Filipina OFW, who wished to remain anonymous.

Although there is a bigger space outside her “bedroom,” that is not actually a part of her sleeping quarters. A washing machine can even be seen just outside her tiny bedroom.

“It seems I always have nightmares every time I go to my bed and of course I need to sacrifice or endure the back pain. I can’t move properly, I can’t even stretch [out my hands],” the anonymous Filipino domestic helper said.

“I need my job so I have to endure the pain!” the poor Filipina lamented.

This domestic helper in Hong Kong is just one of the many overseas Filipino workers or OFWs who suffer hardship in other countries, just so they can ensure a good life for their families and loved ones in the Philippines. This is not to mention the loneliness that they have to endure being far away from their loved ones.

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