Peeping Tom Caught Taking Videos of Sexy Neighbor

A Crazy ‘Peeping Tom’ Was Caught Taking Videos of A Very Sexy Neigbor

A perv was caught on video taking a video of his sexy neighbor while she was relaxing by the poolside.

The sexy woman, who was wearing a bikini, was using an earphone so she was not aware that a peeping tom was taking photos and videos of her.

In the video posted on Facebook, a pair of hands can be seen moving over the top of the wall. One hand was holding a cellphone, confirming the suspicion that the perpetrator was taking videos.

The woman who took the video of the peeping tom then reported the incident to police. She then shouted at the peeping tom who ran away to escape.

The peeping tom, however, stumbled and fell, so the sexy woman was able to apprehend him and have the video deleted.

Despite the numerous views that the video generated, many are questioning if the video was real and not staged. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Creepy Neighbour EXPOSED!! 😱😱


Posted by Sarah TV on Friday, April 6, 2018

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