Man Caught Taking a Video Inside a Dressing Room


A man was caught taking a video of a beautiful lady inside a female-only dressing room at a mall. The woman, Chezca Jane Figueroa, caught the man while in the act of taking a video footage of her while she was fitting a dress inside a boutique in SM Aura.

Figueroa immediately had the man brought to the Taguig police station. She said that the man was in violation of the Anti-Voyeurism Law.

Chezca Jane Figueroa, the victim (taken from her Facebook account).

The man was caught in possession of a small camera device. A broken memory card was also found on the floor of the Forever21 boutique.

The woman said that she was wearing a skirt at that time which made it easy for the man to perform his perverted act.

This is what the lady posted on Facebook:

Namanyak ako sa F21 Sm Aura!! Nasa dressing room ako nag bibihis tapos may nag vvideo saken!!! WTF!!! Still here at Police station taguig. Then straight sa Munisipyo ng Taguig. Anti Voyeurism Law. He was caught red handed! All evidence nasa Police. Memory card of the small camera was in half, nakita sa floor ng Forever21.

Ung suot ko naka skirt ako.

This is the camera confiscated from the man, as well as the broken memory card:

Women are advised to be alert and vigilant since perverts and maniacs are lurking around private and public places, ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims.

If you suspect that someone is peeping or taking unauthorized videos or photos of you, don’t hesitate to report the incident to the police or local authorities for immediate investigation and action.

Here is the video of the time when the suspect was brought to the Taguig police station. You can see more videos here. You be the judge!

Posted by Chezca Jane Figueroa on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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