Look: President Duterte Pictured Eating in a Simple Karinderya


President Rodrigo Duterte is well known for his frugal and simple lifestyle despite his position as the Chief Executive of the land. So it’s no surprise when he was shown doing simple things such as eating at a small karinderya or local eatery.

The President was pictured many times in the past doing things that ordinary Filipinos usually do, such as sleeping inside a mosquito net or wearing simple clothes. This is one of the many things that endear him to the masses.

The Facebook page “Duterte Supporters Worldwide” recently shared a photo of the President eating inside a simple karinderya.

In the photo which went viral, Tatay Digong was shown eating rice, pansit and soup, with a smiling woman beside him.

The photo garnered several positive comments from netizens and Duterte supporters. Here are some of the comments on Facebook:

Very proud of you tatay Digong , very proud to be a filipino, since you became our PRRD, we love you tatay.

Simple at konting pagkain ay pinagpaguran at hindi kinamkam, ayos yan po Presidente, saludong-saludo ang lahat sa kabutihan mo.

Simpleng tao, wla syang hangad na maging milyonario kundi ang angad nya ay mapa unlad nya ang kanyang bansa..thanks god & thanks sir President. We love you. May almighty god bless you & protect you all the time.

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