12 People Infected With Rabies After Eating Dog Meat


Twelve people from Mindanao are under observation by the Department of Health (DOH) after getting infected with rabies. The residents, who live in the municipality of Dumingag in Zamboanga del Norte, ate dog meat which was tainted with rabies.

The rabid dog reportedly bit the owner, prompting him to kill the animal. Not contented with killing the dog, the owner proceeded to butcher and cook it, then served the food to some of his family and friends. The owner died 15 days later.

Watch the video below to know more about the incident.

The 12 unfortunate victims are currently under observation and treatment by the DOH.

The DOH reminded the public not to eat dog meat and to get treated immediately if they are bitten by dogs. They also warned Filipinos to watch out for stray dogs who might get affected by the hot weather this summer.

Source: GMA News

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